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Who are your Friends on the River Nene?

Honorary President - Brian Buckle - The third of our founder members. Although taking a more leisurely outlook his finger is still on the pulse as our overall mooring co-ordinator.

Chairman - Alan Buckle - Alan (the fuel man) has been on the River Nene since childhood. His knowledge and drive has become a vital part of this organisation. Always on the go, Alan enjoys all things boating, including the 'social' aspect.

Vice Chairman - Steve (Scouse) Donoghue  - The lovely Liverpool lad, one of the founding fathers of this group. Steve enjoys entertaining all who are close to him. With sociable as his middle name, he enjoys a good sing-a-long with friends.

Secretary - Alison Loasby - Alison, who is fairly new to the river, is the definition of organisation for this group. Her hardworking ethic has supported us in getting to where we are today.

Membership Secretary - Ashley Loasby - Bubbly, enthusiastic and bouncy, Ashley has enjoyed boating since I was approximately knee high. She is not shy when it comes to working hard, although my nails are normally booked for a Saturday, so look for the perfect polish at any work party! When she is not boating, Ashley is normally working hard setting up her classroom ready for a busy year ahead, although the holidays are a bonus.

Treasurer - John Loasby - John, who is the silent type, has his hand on the tiller to steer us in the right direction finacially. With his bean-counting experience, nothing can slip past John even if he is a laidback chappy!

General Committee

Ray Brackpool - Ray has been a boater on the River Nene for many years. His passion was the driving force in forming FOTRN. A fun loving, approachable guy, who likes to share a drink with friends whilst cruising on the river he loves!

Dave Monk -  The maintenance man, he is very hands on and a perfectionist with keeping our gardening tools etc in pristine condition. Dave and Pat have been on the river for many years and a member of one of our clubs on the upper part of the river and the voice on the end of the helpline telephone.

Pat Monk - Pat has been on the river for many years and her knowledge of the river enhances our group.

Stewart Groom - Another lifetime cruiser on our river, who regularly visits the canal network. Very experienced boater.

Dick Whitehouse - Extremely enthusiastic canoeist with a great knowledge of the river Nene from a canoeist perspective.

Vital Volunteers worth a mention!

Sue Buckle - Vastly experienced both on and off the river. Invaluable at work parties when feeding the five thousand, never afraid to get her hands dirty and mops up all the odd jobs.

Phil McGarry, Fiona McGarry, Alvin Rowton & Linda Rowton - You’ll find these wonderful volunteers most weekends guarding and maintaining the banks of Peartree Farm. In the colder months, you would be more than welcome to sit round a roaring fire.

Debbie Skinner & her Crew at Whitemills Marina - Who continually support our organisation and if you need join up, they will sign you up there and then.

Jacqui & Mark at Oundle Marina - Who can sign up members as and when required.

Would you like to be a part of this family? Would you like to be more involved? Please get in touch and help us to make our family grow!